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Discover Secure Self Storage in Erdington

KS2 Storage is proud to be the provider of the most secure self storage Erdington has to offer. Our warehouse provides fully accredited, flexible self storage rental options for both business and personal use.  No matter what you’re looking to store, whether it be machinery, furniture or even food and drink – KS2 storage provides the use of exceptionally secure self storage containers at extremely competitive prices.

Secure Self Storage Facilities

KS2’s Erdington storage facilities are protected by our very own, highly effective bespoke security measures, so you can rest assured that your personal belongings are safe with us. We have a number of different security measures in place to keep out intruders and ensure the safety of your possessions – including internal and external CCTV and a unique fob and pin entry system for every unit, along with individual alarm systems and additional fully monitored fire and intruder alarms throughout the building.

With our extensive security system and highly experienced security team, we can assure the safety of your unit from theft and damage from intruders.

Competitive Safe Storage Prices

K2S Storage provides a quality service at competitive safe storage prices. With storage rental costs starting as low as £2 per day – including insurance cover for the full contents of your unit – KS2’s prices are extremely affordable, and our bespoke rental options mean that you won’t be tying yourself into a time-specific lease.

When you’re ready to leave your secure self storage unit with your belongings, simply let us know a week in advance. We’ll return your security deposit hassle-free and absolutely no hidden payments will be required. 

Learn All About K2S’s Secure Erdington Storage Facilities Today

If you’re looking to find safe and secure self storage in Erdington at an affordable price, look no further than K2S Storage. We provide some of the most secure units for self storage Erdington and the surrounding area have to offer.  And with our competitive storage rental prices, you needn’t worry about huge unwanted payouts.

Find out more about K2S storage today by visiting our Help & Advice page, and if you can’t find the answers to the questions you’re looking for, contact our customer service team today on 0121 350 7776.

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