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Small Storage Units For Your Belongings

Have you recently moved into a small property and you’re struggling to find the space you need for all of your belongings? This becomes an issue for more people than you’d think, and it can be very difficult trying to figure out what to do in this situation. Should you throw away some of your possessions to make space? Absolutely not.

At K2S Storage, we provide small storage units with no limit on the rental time period at an extremely affordable price – perfect for storing all of those sentimental belongings that you don’t want to let go of.

Small Self Storage Units

At K2S we provide a range of storage options, offering you multiple different sized storage units for whatever your needs may be. When you move into a small property, you’ll most likely have only a few stray items with no place to go. If this is the case then you’ll probably be fine with a 25sq-ft storage unit.  

These small self storage units provide just the right amount of extra storage space for a few boxes full of belongings. You may think a 25sq-ft extra space storage container sounds tiny, but you’d be surprised by how much you can fit in one! Our 25sq-ft self storage units can store:

  • 3,739,200 £1-coins
  • 9,000 cans of food
  • 53,625 eggs

Just to put in to perspective the size of these units! If you’re interested in finding out more, discover a few more things you can store in one of our small storage units.

Cheap Storage Rental Options

At K2S, our personal storage units are available at cheap storage rental prices meaning you needn’t worry about the wellbeing of your belongings burning a hole in your pocket. Our 25sq-ft affordable storage units are available at rates as low as £2 per day with absolutely no hidden costs!

Simply pay the security deposit and you can start renting a storage container for as little as £14 per week.

Hassle-Free Affordable Storage Rental With No Ties

We understand that organising a rental agreement with storage companies can be a pain, so we’ve done everything we can to make the process as relaxed and hassle-free as possible. When you rent with K2S you needn’t worry about committing to a lease - all of our storage units are rented through licence agreements and you can leave whenever you’d like (Just try to give us a week’s notice so we can ensure the return of your security deposit.)

We aim to get you moved in as soon as possible, giving you access to your unit as soon as your ID has been verified and the agreement is signed. No reservations are needed prior to moving in, and there’s a range of useful storage boxes and containers available to purchase on-site to safely package your belongings.

K2S is the ultimate hassle-free company for the hire of personal storage units. We don’t compromise on security though – learn about the security measures we take to ensure the safety of your property in this blog post.

Get Extra Storage Space With K2S Today

K2S provides hassle-free, affordable storage solutions designed to be as straight forward and stress-free as possible for the customer. If you’re looking to rent a small storage unit to store your belongings, come to K2S and store your belongings under maximum security at absolutely unbeatable prices.

Looking to hire out a small self storage unit? Contact us on 0121 350 7776 for a quote.


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