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Store Anything With Our Large Storage Units

Here at K2S Storage we provide safe and secure self storage solutions – with your specific choice of a small, medium or large storage unit. Our small and medium self storage units are perfect for storing a lot of things; however, sometimes you need even more room.

In some situations you might need a large storage unit. Whether you’re looking to store items for a house move, business equipment, hobby equipment or anything else – take a look at our large storage units for rent to find enough space to store even the largest of items.

Various Large Self Storage Unit Sizes

We have various different sized self storage units, both small and large. Our smallest unit comes in at 25sqft – perfect for storing a few boxes and small items. If it’s a large storage unit you’re looking for however, you should take a look at our 150, 175 & 200sqft self storage units.

These units have enough space to store a huge amount of items. To put into perspective just how much can be fit into one of our large self storage units; a 200sqft storage container has enough room to hold 72,000 tins of food, 552,000 golf balls, or 29,913,600 individual pound coins. K2S Storage’s large self storage units can fit anything from bikes to cars, sofas to tables – you won’t run short on room.

Store Almost Anything In Your K2S Storage Large Storage Unit

At K2S Storage, we aren’t restrictive about what you store in your self storage units. As long as the items you store aren’t flammable, hazardous, perishable or illegal you can store whatever you want!

With K2S, you can come and place or retrieve items from your storage container any day of the week between 9:00am & 4:00pm. If you need to access your unit on a Saturday, this can be done by arranging an appointment with us – simply call 0121 350 7776.

Large Storage Units For Rent At Competitive Prices

At K2S Storage we aim to provide you with an excellent service at an affordable cost. That’s why the large storage units we have to offer are available at extremely competitive prices. Even our largest self storage unit – at 200sqft – starts from only £9 per day, and that includes full insurance cover of all items in the large storage unit, protecting the value of your belongings from damage and theft. 

Apply For A Price Quote Or Contact Us Today Regarding Large Storage Units

Interested in the large storage units for rent here at K2S Storage? If you’re looking to find out more about the costs of renting our large storage units you can run a price quote request today for free.

Got any questions about our services? Fill in an enquiry form, or call us on 0121 350 7776 today.

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