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How to Avoid Damage to Your Boxes When Moving Into Self Storage

At K2S Storage, we can assure the complete safety and protection of your goods while in our Erdington storage facility. With state of the art storage units, with 24 hour security, we guarantee your business or personal possessions will be in the safest of hands. However, actually moving your boxes safely into storage can be a challenge if you don’t know the correct steps. Getting your possessions damaged at this stage can be a frustrating experience, potentially wasting a lot of money. To avoid this, here are some tips and advice to moving your boxes safely into K2S Self Storage.

Use the Correct Boxes

Boxes might seem one of the simplest parts of self storage, but if you do it wrong, it can cause a lot of damage. Instead of just finding an old box big enough and throwing your stuff in, you will need to   make sure all of your storage boxes are clean, sturdy, dry and new. Anything else will put your possessions at risk during the move. Also, make sure your boxes are consistently sized, as this will stack better and reduce the risk they face in transit. K2S Self Storage sells a range of packaging options designed to protect your possessions in self storage, all availble from the self storage facility in Erdington..

Don’t over/under pack boxes

Filling boxes too much will make life more difficult when it comes to moving. Evenly space out your items in your boxes or they will become too heavy to lift or even rip when you are transporting them. Alternatively, don’t under pack your boxes. Leaving too much space will mean things have room to slide around and potentially break. If you have some room left, top them up with packing materials or something soft.

Protect any fragile items

Make sure anything that could be easily broken is wrapped securely; this includes glassware, china and any delicate electronics. Use bubble wrap and tissue paper, making sure you wrap the item completely and don’t leave any surface area uncovered, as this can cause small chips and dents.

Use a Reputable Removals Company

If you have a lot of stuff to move, you will probably need to hire a company with a van and trained removal men. However, not all removal companies are created equally and some will not be as careful with your stuff due to poor training or lack of diligence. Look at reviews online and on social media to make sure the company you have chosen is a safe bet.


K2S provide flexible, accessible and clean storage units that are equipped with state of the art security, all easily accessible from the A38 in Erdington, Birmingham.

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