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How Can Self Storage Benefit Small Businesses?

For small businesses with small budgets, every single penny counts. A lot of this budget is used up on rent on premises and space for things like equipment and stock. This is something that needs to be rigorously managed to ensure that your small business doesn’t go over budget, which could spell disaster for a lot start ups and sole traders. Unfortunately, many premises come with long contracts that are difficult to get out of. This means if you have an unexpected period of growth and need more space for stock or equipment quickly, it can be difficult. This is where self storage for business becomes useful.

Self storage for businesses is a convenient, straightforward, cheap and efficient way of dealing with any kind of space related problem. Here are some of the best reasons to consider K2S Self Storage for your small business today.


With business self storage, you aren’t tied into long term contracts that can be tricky to get out of should your needs change. Instead, you can negotiate short term or long term contracts that allow for much shorter periods of notice. For instance, if you know you just need seasonal storage, this can be arranged. Alternatively, if you have received an influx of stock, you can switch to a bigger storage unit quickly, as K2S have a variety of storage units available.


Although, most business premises will have some security, with K2S Self Storage you can be guaranteed that your businesses assets will be secured by the most reliable technology and security possible. You will not have to worry about theft or accidental damage when using self storage as this is all dealt with us by us, so you can rest assured that your possessions are protected.

Cost Effective

Self storage is much more affordable to other space alternatives. When you are small business, saving everywhere you can is vital to success. With self storage you can provide yourself with effectively another base of operations for a fraction of the cost that it would be to lease a property or unit. You can also save on council tax and business rates, which normal commercial buildings are liable for.

Contact K2S Storage today for short term business storage, long term business storage and seasonal business storage solutions. 

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