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How Can Self Storage Help You to Sell Your House?

Selling your house can often be a frustrating experience. Viewings are time consuming and take a lot of preparation, so after months of trying to sell they can become very tiresome. If your house hasn’t attracted much interest even if it has been viewed repeatedly, it might be wise to try something new. If you don’t want to invest in renovating or redecorating your house, renting some self storage space could be a great alternative. Here are the reasons why self storage can be massively beneficial when selling your home.

Space is massively important

The first thing a potential buyer will notice when walking into a house is how big the rooms are. Rooms that feel cramped, awkward and unintuitive will instantly make someone have second thoughts about going any further. This isn’t to say that it is impossible to sell a smaller house, but rather houses that don’t utilise their available space correctly will find it harder to attract buyers. Renting a storage unit can help with this massively. Owing a place to safely store items such as larger piece of furniture can instantly change perceptions on space in a room. If your home looks more open and spacious, it will sell faster.

Hide mismatched or outdated furniture

Not all of us have the funds to constantly keep up with interior decorating trends or keep a consistent theme running through all of our furniture. If you have found that some of your furniture is looking a bit tired or out of place, it might be best to put this into self storage while you are having viewings. Even though the furniture doesn’t come with the house, it can still leave an impact on a how a view perceives the rest of your home. Putting anything old or shabby into storage can really make a property look newer and more appealing to prospective buyers.  

Make More Room in Your Storage Space

One of the most important things for many people when buying a new house is the amount of storage space available. More storage makes a house more practical and can add a huge amount of value to a property. If someone comes to view your house and your loft, fitted wardrobes and closets are filled to the brim with junk, it will make it look like there is a lot less storage available. If, however, you empty your storage of everything and put it into a storage unit, it will appear as though you have vast amounts of space available in your attic or cupboards.

If you are looking to sell your house and need self storage in Erdington and Birmingham, contact K2S Self Storage today.

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