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How to Pack Your Items for Self Storage

Self storage units can help add a great deal of space to your home or business or can be vital when you are moving house or having your office refurbished. Although, packing everything up to be put into storage can sometimes be a lengthy task. Putting everything you own into boxes isn’t the most enjoyable job, so here are a few tips that will make this process much easier and far less stress.

Stock up on correct packaging supplies

Don’t just be lazy and throw everything in black bin bags and expect everything to be that easy. When moving house or office, you are going to need a lot of different types of packaging and supplies. Not only will you need boxes of varying sizes to store everything in, you'll need bubble wrap, tape and marker pens. Luckily, K2S supplies everything you could need, available to purchase at storage facilities.

Label everything!

While organising everything and making labels might seem time consuming and excessive, it will actually save you money in the long run. Make sure similar items are packed into the same boxes and then labelled clearly. This means once you come to take your items out of storage you can quickly find all your items.

Protect fragile items

This might sound obvious, but it is surprising how often people forget to properly store items. While all of your items will be kept completely safe and secure during theirstorage at K2S, it is always advisable to secure anything that is fragile or valuable. Plates, glasses, ornaments and anything else breakable should be wrapped in bubble wrap individually. Make sure you seal boxes tightly and don’t stack any heavy boxes on top of lighter boxes. Don’t overstuff boxes as this will cause breakages and may make transporting your goods difficult when your storage ends.

Clean Everything

This is a vital part of storage that people often forget. Clothes need washing and drying before going into storage as bacteria will grow and stains will set, which will become very difficult to get out. Make sure everything you put into storage is completely dry, as anything damp will quickly grow mildew and cause a bad smell in your storage unit.

K2S Storage offer great packaging solutions to purchase as well as the best storage facilities in Birmingham. Get a quote in touch for an unbeatably priced quote today!-

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